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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2014

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Congratulations and best wishes for many productive years to the AP-S members of the 2014 class of IEEE Fellows.

Fellows Evaluated by the Antenna & Propagation Society

Andrea Alu
for contributions to the theory and applications of electromagnetic metamaterials and plasmonic phenomena

Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg  
for leadership in satellite communications, navigation, and remote sensing

No image Dmitry Chizhik  
for contributions to wireless channel modelling

No image Franco Flaviis
for contributions to reconfigurable antennas and tunable dielectrics for wireless communication systems

Yingjie Guo    
for contributions to smart, reconfigurable and high gain antennas for broadband wirelesscommunications systems

Ivan LaHaie    
for contributions to near-to-far field radar signature transformations and radar measurement error mitigation

Felix Miranda
for contributions to high-temperature superconductors and ferroelectric tunable microwave components for satellite communications

No image Norma Riley   
for contributions to ultra-wideband phased array technologies

AP-S Magdalena-Palma2Magdalena Salazar-Palma 
for contributions to the application of numerical techniques to electromagnetic modeling

Jiming Song 
for contributions to algorithms in computational electromagnetics

The following AP-S members were elected as fellows but elevated by another society:

Iram Weinstein  
for leadership in signal processing and test methods for radars detecting advanced aircraft and cruise missiles in severe terrain clutter

No image Rahul Dixit   
for leadership in microwave monolithic integrated circuits technologies and in active electronicallysteerable arrays application

No image Francisco Mesa    
for contributions to the theory and computation of wave propagation in microwave planar structures

No image Alexander Schuchinsky  
for contributions to the electromagnetic theory of complex and artificial media and theirapplications to passive intermodulation and novel devices

Robert Magnusson
for contributions to the invention of a new class of nanophotonic devices