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After your paper has been accepted

Important Remarks:

1. The authors’ list provided at submission cannot be changed, unless under very special circumstances that need to be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Editorial Board;

2. If the authors’ list in the final files is different from the authors’ list of the accepted paper, there is a very high chance the manuscript will be rejected.

  • Please make minor changes to the manuscript if required. Check your final manuscript carefully for errors and consitency. Pay attention to dimensional units, standard definitions and quantities. For example, many authors confuse return loss (usually positive) with reflection coefficient (negative). Only minor, editorial changes are allowed when the corresponding author receives the manuscript page proof for final checking.
  • If changes are required in the decision letter, please respond to the final comments in the cover letter and describe any changes to the final manuscript. However, changes implemented should not be highlighted in the final files as it will be available for view in IEEE Xplore Early Access before editing.
  • All final files are submitted through your IEEE Author Portal account.
  • Before you commence the final submission process, please make sure all author information in the IEEE Author Portal is correct and complete. When this is confirmed, please upload:
    1. A LaTex, or Microsoft Word application file. The final manuscript should be in the IEEE two-column template with figures and captions. (This template can be downloaded from here). It should include keywords/index terms, and bios and photos if you are including them. Failure to submit a source file may result in publishing delays. 
    2. A pdf of your entire manuscript. A pdf alone is NOT sufficient for publication. Please ensure the source file, as detailed in Step 1, is also submitted. Both files are essential.
    3. A pdf of your covering letter.
    4. You will also need to upload separate figure files. The acceptable formats are doc, eps, ps, tiff, ppt and xls. We do NOT accept png or jpeg files for figures.
    5. (Not required for a Communications or Comments) Biosketch(es) (maximum 600 words per Bio) and photo(s). Biosketches should be uploaded at the same time as the other final files. These can be included at the end of your Microsoft Word or Latex source file, or submitted as a separate upload. For author photos jpeg files are accepted.
    6. Submitting authors are reminded to transfer the e-copyright form in IEEE Author Portal.

To contact the Editor:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.